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Work From Heart

Work From Heart B9 - B9DM-B9GOOD-アニメNEW

Secondary Name : รักป่วนก๊วนออฟฟิศ

Release year:

Run Time: 23 min

Episodes : EP 02

Now showing: EP 02

Latest episode: 21

Country: Thai adaptation

Genres: Dramas Thailand

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Movie plot

The office manager brings remote employees back to the office. During the pandemic, the company had suffered significant losses and they continue to grow. The CEO has delivered an ultimatum: either employees will increase the company's profits, or everyone will have to look for a new job; the office manager hires a talented professional...
Native Title: รักป่วนก๊วนออฟฟิศ
Also Known As: Work From Heart the Series , Rak Puan Guan Office
Director: Hatairut Sunthornampai
Genres: Comedy
Tags: Workplace Setting, Office Worker Female Lead, Office Worker Male Lead, Gay Supporting Character, Office Worker, LGBTQ+

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