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Wiwa Fah Laep

Wiwa Fah Laep

Secondary Name : วิวาห์ฟ้าแล่บ

Release year:

Run Time: 23 min

Episodes : EP 07

Now showing: EP 07

Latest episode: 765

Country: Thai adaptation

Genres: Dramas Thailand

4.45/ 5 1 votes

After a one-night stand with Pokpong, a male dancer Lalin meets at her friend's bachelorette party, Lalin decides to hire him. The job is simple; Pokpong is to marry Lalin for a few months so she can prove to her family that she deserves to be the heiress of her father's company. Things start to change when Pokpong doesn't appear to be the poor male dancer Lalin thought he was.

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