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Wild Bloom

Wild Bloom b9 アニメ -アニタンク-B9GOODアニメNEW |アニメ無料

Secondary Name : 风吹半夏

Release year:

Run Time: 23 min

Episodes : EP 04

Now showing: EP 04

Latest episode: 432

Country: China

Genres: Drama Chinese

4.65/ 5 1 votes

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Movie plot

During the 1990s, Xu Ban Xia is a woman with vision and strength who overcomes many obstacles in the male-dominated steel industry to carve out a place for herself. Xu Ban Xia's mother died during childbirth while her father never cared for her. In spite of this, Xu Ban Xia has grown tough, proud and fearless in the face of challenges.
Native Title: 风吹半夏
Also Known As: Ye Man Sheng Zhang , Feng Chui Ban Xia , Bu De Wang Sheng , 野蛮生长 , 不得往生 , 風吹半夏 , 野蠻生長
Screenwriter: Zhang Ting
Director: Fu Dong Yu
Genres: Business, Romance, Drama
Tags: Workplace Setting, Age Gap [Real Life], Steel Industry, 1990s, Strong Female Lead, Adapted From A Novel, Friendship

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