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Weak Hero Class 1

Weak Hero Class 1

Secondary Name : 약한영웅 Class 1

Release year :

Episodes : EP 08

Genre: Drama

Country :Korea

Category : Dramas Korean

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Weak Hero Class 1 Drama

Yeon Shi Eun is a model student, who ranks at the top at his high school. Physically, Yeon Shi Eun appears like a weak boy, but by using his smarts, tools, and psychology, he fights against violence that takes place inside and outside of his school.
Native Title: 약한영웅 Class 1
Also Known As: Yakhanyeongung Sijeun1 , 약한영웅 시즌1 , 약한영웅 , Weak Hero , Yakhanyeongung
Screenwriter & Director: You Su Min
Genres: Action, Youth, Drama
Tags: Adapted From A Webtoon, Delinquent Supporting Character, Quiet Male Lead, Hidden Past, Strong Male Lead, Fight, Smart Male Lead, Miniseries, Street Fight, High School

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