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Warm Meet You

Warm Meet You

Secondary Name : 暖暖遇见你

Release year :

Episodes : EP 10

Genre: Drama

Country :China

Category : Drama Chinese

4.5/ 5 1 投票
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Warm Meet You Drama

Zhao Nuan Nuan is a comic artist with outstanding drawing skills, who has always dreamed of becoming China’s top original comic artist but has repeatedly failed. Hopeless, she is forced to go on a blind date but mistaken Gu Yi Chen, who is just passing by, as her blind date. Zhao Nuan Nuan’s only shortcoming is that she has extremely poor luck, but in a twist of fate, she accidentally discovers that as long as she gets close to Gu Yi Chen, her luck changes for the better.
Native Title: 暖暖遇见你
Also Known As: Jia You! Zhao Nuan Nuan , 加油!赵暖暖 , Kuai He Ke Ai De Wo, Xiang Yu! , Quickly Meet The Cute Me! , 快和可爱的我,相遇! , Lucky With You , Nuan Nuan Yu Jian Ni
Director: Chu De Jian
Genres: Comedy, Romance
Tags: Rare Allergy, Unlucky Female Lead, Gender Bender, Web Series, Rich Male Lead, Cross-Dressing

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