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Under The Queen’s Umbrella

Under The Queen’s Umbrella

Secondary Name : 슈룹

Release year :

Episodes : EP 02

Genre: Drama

Country :Korea

Category : Dramas Korean

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Under The Queen's Umbrella Drama

Within the palace exist troublemaking princes who cause nothing but headaches for the royal family and are about to be turned into proper crown princes. Their mother, Im Hwa Ryeong, is the wife of a great king. But instead of having an aura of elegance and grace, she is a prickly, sensitive, and hot-tempered queen. Once more serene, she changed since people kept pushing her buttons. She is a queen who sometimes abandons her pride and is even known to swear! Every day of her life is full of trials, but she withstands them all, for the sake of her children.
Native Title: 슈룹
Also Known As: Shuroop , Syurub , Umbrella , The Queen’s Umbrella
Director: Kim Hyung Shik
Screenwriter: Park Ba Ra
Genres: Historical, Comedy, Drama, Political
Tags: Black Comedy, Palace Setting, Queen Female Lead, Royalty, Joseon Dynasty, Concubine Female Lead, King Male Lead, Prince Male Lead, Royal Family, Historical Fiction

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