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The Blood Of Youth

The Blood Of Youth B9 - B9DM-B9GOOD-アニメNEW

Secondary Name : 少年歌行

Release year:

Run Time: 22min

Episodes : EP 26

Now showing: EP 26

Latest episode: 262524

Country: China

Genres: Drama Chinese

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Movie plot

Native Title: 少年歌行
Also Known As: Siu Nin Go Haang , Song of Adolescence , Shao Nian Ge Xing
Director: Yin Tao
Genres: Wuxia, Youth, Fantasy
Tags: Friendship, Adventure, Adapted From A Novel, Martial Arts, Historical, Action, Web Series
Aspiring young hero Lei Wu Jie was on his way to the great Xue Yue City when he mistakenly strayed into the Fallen Snow Villa. His first heroic deed does not go as planned since he ended up owing the owner Xiao Se a debt for the damages to his place. Left with no choice, Lei Wu Jie takes Xiao Se along and on their journey, they meet Tang Lian who is a disciple of the Tang sect. Together, the group of youths embark on an adventure.

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