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Suddenly won the lottery 6/45

Suddenly won the lottery 6/45

Secondary Name : 육사오

Release year :

Episodes : HD

Genre: Movies

Country :Korea

Category : Dramas Korean

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Suddenly won the lottery 6/45 Movies

“6/45” tells the comic story of South Korean and North Korean soldiers meeting up secretly when the wind blows a first prize lottery ticket past Korea’s military demarcation line and into North Korea.The script is appealing, with few superfluous details. There is no surprise twist, the laughter in the film comes from a series of random, somewhat over the top episodes. In the film, the lottery ticket appears as a decree of fate. From a city pub, the ticket wandered through a trash can, a truck, and to a remote border and flew at the feet of soldier Chun Woo. Chun Woo himself would not have discovered that he had won the lottery if he had not happened to change channels in time when the television announced the lottery results. When the ticket flew to North Korea, Yong Ho, although he did not pay attention, became the new owner.
Native Title: 6/45
Also Known As: Yuksao , Yugsao , 육사오
Director: Park Gyu Tae
Genres: Comedy
Tags: North And South Korea, Soldier, Military

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