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So It’s You

So It’s You B9 - B9DM-B9GOOD-アニメNEW

Secondary Name : 原来是你

Release year:

Run Time: 22min

Episodes : EP 08

Now showing: EP 08

Latest episode: 876

Country: China

Genres: Drama Chinese

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Movie plot

Native Title: 原来是你
Also Known As: Yuan lai shi ni , So It is You
Screenwriter: Lan Bai Se
Genres: Comedy, Romance, Youth, Sports
Tags: MDL Remake, Swimmer Male Lead, Judo, University, Strong Female Lead, Athlete Female Lead, Athlete Male Lead, School, Swimming, Trauma
Jin Fu Zhu is a rising judoka. Despite her tough appearance, she has the heart of a young girl. She meets swimming prodigy Li Jun Chen, who appears cold in order to hide away his pain. Although their meeting started out as a misunderstanding, they slowly fall in love. Under Jin Fu Zhu's encouragement, Li Jun Chen overcomes his trauma, and his relationship with his parents also improves.

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