B 9 D M . U S


Secondary Name : silent

Release year :

Episodes : EP 06

Genre: Drama

Country :Japan

Category : Drama Japanese

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silent Drama

Tsumugi Aoba fell in love with So Sakura, who attended the same high school. They both shared an interest in music. Their relationship got deeper and deeper, but, suddenly, Sakura said goodbye to her without giving a reason for their break-up and he disappeared. Eight years later, Aoba is now in Tokyo and works part-time at a large CD music store. She is surrounded by music she likes. One day, she happens to see Sakura. She wants to talk to him, but she realizes that he has almost lost his hearing.
Native Title: silent
Also Known As:
Director: Kazama Hiroki
Genres: Romance, Melodrama
Tags: Co-workers’ Relationship, Best Friends’ Relationship, Teacher Supporting Character, Hearing Impaired Supporting Character, Hearing Impaired Male Lead, Brother-Sister Relationship, Sign Language, Ex-Boyfriend Comes Back, Meet Again, Family Relationship

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