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Oh! Boarding House

Oh! Boarding House

Secondary Name : 하숙집 오!번지

Release year :

Episodes : 1話

Genre: Movie

Country :Korea

Category : Dramas Korean

4.75/ 5 1 投票
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Oh! Boarding House Movie

Sul Won is an out-of-work young man whose mother runs a low-cost boarding house for students and men who don’t have enough money to buy or rent an apartment on their own. But when his mother suddenly has to up sticks to return to her provincial hometown, she leaves Sul Won in charge of the boarding house – becoming the de facto live-in landlord. The residents of the boarding house are a
Native Title: 하숙집 오!번지
Also Known As: Hasukjibohbeonji , Boarding House Number 5 , 하숙집오번지
Screenwriter: Team Wol Pi Dong
Director: Park Eun Joo
Genres: Comedy, Romance
Tags: Gay Male Lead, Gay Romance, Boarding House, LGBTQ+, Miniseries, Web Series, Nice Male Lead, Adapted From A Webtoon, Gay Supporting Character, Secret Crush

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