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New Life Begins

New Life Begins

Secondary Name : 卿卿日常

Release year :

Episodes : EP 24

Genre: Drama

Country :China

Category : Drama Chinese

4.5/ 5 1 投票

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New Life Begins Drama

Description: Because of a marriage election, girls from all over the world gather in Xinchuan. Yin Zheng, the sixth young master of Xinchuan, and Li Wei, who only wants to lose the election and live comfortably in her hometown, accidentally meet. There, a new interesting and fun chapter of their lives start. As Yin Zheng opens his house and goes to court, the two of them gradually grow closer, and spend everyday through all four seasons together. They grow together with other siblings of different personalities and fates, writing the warm daily life of the Xinchuan family together.
Native Title: 卿卿日常
Also Known As: Qing Chuan Daily Life , Qing Chuan Ri Chang , Xin Chuan Ri Chang , 青川日常 , 清穿日常 , 新川日常
Director: Zhao Qi Chen
Genres: Historical, Comedy, Romance, Life
Tags: Multiple Couples, Nice Male Lead, Arranged Marriage, Cheerful Female Lead, Sismance, Adapted From A Web Novel, Palace Setting, Concubine Female Lead, Royalty, Friendship

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