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My Tooth Your Love

My Tooth Your Love

Secondary Name : 我的牙想你

Release year :

Episodes : EP 06

Genre: Drama

Country :China

Category : Drama Chinese

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My Tooth Your Love Drama

b9-My Tooth Your Love Episode 7Jin Xun An, a promising achiever, is already the chief dentist at his dental clinic at a young age. Although cold-hearted and distant by appearance, Jin Xun An has nevertheless earned himself the coveted title of being the “Master Prince of Dentistry”. One day, he is entrusted by Bai Qing, one of his seniors, to treat her precious little brother, Bai Lang.
As Bai Lang seats himself in front of Jin Xun An, he looks at the man with the cold and ruthless look. And while a mask covers most of Jin Xuan An’s face, it only helps highlight his deep, electric eyes. Bai Lang then hears his gentle and soothing voice telling him not to be afraid. But almost instantaneously, he finds himself stunned, his heart palpitating and finding a desperate excuse to run away. As it turns out that Bai Lang is not the first dental patient to try to run away from Jin Xun An, but definitely the most troublesome since Jin Xuan An started his career.
Native Title: 我的牙想你
Also Known As: Wo De Ya Xiang Ni , My Tooth Misses You , My Teeth Miss You
Screenwriter: Lin Pei Yu
Director: Ray Jiang
Genres: Romance
Tags: Dentist Male Lead, Gay Male Lead, Gay Romance, LGBTQ+

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