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My Lethal Man

My Lethal Man b9 アニメ -アニタンク-B9GOODアニメNEW |アニメ無料

Secondary Name : 对我而言危险的他

Release year:

Run Time: 20 min

Episodes : EP 08

Now showing: EP 08

Latest episode: 876

Country: China

Genres: Drama Chinese

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Movie plot

Native Title: 对我而言危险的他
Also Known As: A Dangerous Man , He Who Is Dangerous to Me , Dui Wo Er Yan Wei Xian De Ta , 對我而言危險的他 , Happy Valentine's Day
Director: Chu De Jian
Genres: Mystery, Romance, Drama
Tags: Painter Female Lead, Artist Female Lead, Car Accident, Doppelganger, Web Series, Investigation
Shen Man Ning who, because of an unexpected kidnapping case, discovers Zhuang Xin Yan. After Zhuang Xin Yan dies, the powerful and mysterious Yan Xing Cheng forces Shen Man Ning to start her "second life" as his fiancé. As they overcome adversities and difficulties together the two go from being completely hostile with one another to slowly joining hands, learning to love and rely on each other. Together they discover the truth of the unsolved case from 17 years ago.

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