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空白を満たしなさい Kuuhaku wo Mitashinasai

空白を満たしなさい Kuuhaku wo Mitashinasai

Secondary Name : Kuuhaku wo Mitashinasai

Release year:

Run Time: 24 min

Episodes : 5話

Now showing: 5話

Latest episode: 543

Country: Japan

Genres: Foreign movies, ドラマ日本

1.28/ 5 3 votes

One night, Tetsuo TSUCHIYA wakes up in a meeting room at work, and after returning home, his wife tells him, "You must have died three years ago." The cause of death was "suicide". The family was deeply traumatized by this.
However, when his son was born and his work went well, Tetsujo, who had no reason to commit suicide, doubted that he had been killed. The memory of the culprit that emerges...
Native Title: 空白を満たしなさい
Also Known As: Fill In the Blanks , Kuhaku wo Mitashinasai , Kuuhaku wo Mitashi Nasai , Kuhaku wo Mitashi Nasai , Kuuhaku o Mitashinasai , Kuhaku o Mitashinasai , Kuuhaku o Mitashi Nasai , Kuhaku o Mitashi Nasai
Director: Mayuzumi Rintaro, Takeshi Shibata
Screenwriter: Takada Ryo
Genres: Drama

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