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I Will Knock You

I Will Knock You

Secondary Name : พี่จะตีนะเนย

Release year :

Episodes : EP 01

Genre: Drama

Country :Thai adaptation

Category : Dramas Thailand

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I Will Knock You Drama

Thi, a college student, had a part-time job as a tutor. One day, one of his students got into trouble with high-school gangsters. Thi went to protect his student and confronted the leader of the gang, Noey. After that day, Thi ran into Noey so many times, he started to learn that although Noey had a badass look, the boy was ridiculously silly. Noey just came up by himself that Thi was running after him. Thi was so done trying to explain that he had zero interest in him, but fate played funny tricks. Thi was contacted to be a tutor for a new student. That student was Noey. They learned more about each other. Noey started to change himself and made a move on Thi.
Native Title: พี่จะตีนะเนย
Also Known As: I Will Hit You, Noey , I Will Hit You, Noei , Phi Ja Tee Na Noei
Screenwriter & Director: Champ Weerachit Thongjila
Genres: Romance, Drama
Tags: Tutor Male Lead, Gay Male Lead, Gay Romance, University, LGBTQ+, High School, Student, Adapted From A Novel, School

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