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Good Job

Good Job B9 - B9DM-B9GOOD-アニメNEW

Secondary Name : 굿잡

Release year:

Run Time: 40 min

Episodes : EP 06

Now showing: EP 06

Latest episode: 654

Country: Korea

Genres: Dramas Korean

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Movie plot

Follows the joint investigation and romance story of a chaebol who leads a second life as a detective and a woman with super vision. Eun Sun Woo is a chaebol among chaebols who owns the Eunkang group and also runs a detective agency. From a young age, Eun Sun Woo has shown a brilliant mind and shockingly unparalleled athletic abilities. He is a figure who is completely different in his two lives as a detective and as a chairman of a group, easily switching from being conceited to being a gentleman. Don Se Ra is a cheerful person who was born with super vision. In order to hide her powers, Don Se Ra goes around wearing a thick pair of glasses to secretly use her ability. While taking on numerous odd jobs in order to help the people around her, she meets Eun Sun Woo and begins a chaotic love story.
Native Title: 굿잡
Also Known As: Gutjap
Screenwriter: Kim Jung Ae
Director: Kang Min Gu
Genres: Thriller, Mystery, Romance, Supernatural
Tags: Heir Male Lead, Secretary Female Lead, Detective Fiction, Company President (CEO) Male Lead, Detective Male Lead, Cheerful Female Lead, Detective Agency, Nice Female Lead, Supernatural Power, Crime Solving Duo

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