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GAP the Series

GAP the Series B9 - B9DM-B9GOOD-アニメNEW

Secondary Name : ทฤษฎีสีชมพู

Release year:

Run Time: 1h 20min 00

Episodes : EP 11

Now showing: EP 11

Latest episode: 11.411.311.2

Country: Thai adaptation

Genres: Dramas Thailand

4.65/ 5 1 votes
Movie plot

Sam is wealthy, sharp and beautiful, a woman Mon aspires to be like one day. Mon, therefore, applies for a position where Sam works in order to be near her.
Maybe it's because when she was younger that crinkly smile imprinted on her that Mon now finds her feelings towards Sam turn into a love she doesn't want to believe. To believe that two women can fall in love. They're too different, both in class and with an age gap of eight years. It's just begun and Mon believes her love is unattainable. Because she can't go back and change it, the only thing she can do is move forward.
Native Title: ทฤษฎีสีชมพู
Also Known As: GAP Yuri , GAP the Series , Pink Theory , Tritseedee See Chompoo , Thritsidi Si Chomphu
Director: Nuttapong Wongkaveepairoj
Genres: Comedy, Romance
Tags: Lesbian Romance, Boss-Employee Relationship, Adapted From A Novel, Workplace Setting, Office Setting, Office Worker Female Lead, Company President (CEO) Female Lead, Age Gap [Drama Life], Lesbian Female Lead, Different Social Status

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