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Gameboys 2

Gameboys 2

Secondary Name : Gameboys 2

Release year :

Episodes : EP 08

Genre: Drama

Country :Philipin

Category : Foreign Movies

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Gameboys 2 Drama

Set in the midst of the global pandemic, Cairo and Gavreel, who had previously been communicating online, decide to try living together for a brief period of time. However, while Gav is aggressive and straightforward in expressing his love, Cairo, who is more modest, is not quite ready to move forward so swiftly. As the two continue to spend time together and explore their feelings for each other, they are unexpectedly greeted by Terrence, Gav’s ex-boyfriend. All of a sudden, Cairo and Gav’s lives take a turn for the worse, and soon, unexpected difficulties befall the two souls who have now fallen in love with each other.
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