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Flight to You

Flight to You b9 アニメ -アニタンク-B9GOODアニメNEW |アニメ無料

Secondary Name : 向风而行

Release year:

Run Time: 22min

Episodes : EP 38

Now showing: EP 38

Latest episode: 383736

Country: China

Genres: Drama Chinese

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ビデオ サーバー 1 の読み込みが遅い場合は、サーバー 2 に切り替えることができます

Movie plot

Native Title: 向风而行
Also Known As: Xiang Feng Er Xing , 向風而行 , 云过天空你过心 , Yun Guo Tian Kong Ni Guo Xin
Director: Wang Zhi
Screenwriter: Qiao Yu
Genres: Romance, Drama
Tags: Airport Setting, Plane Setting, Pilot Supporting Character, Pilot Female Lead, Pilot Male Lead, Ambitious Female Lead, Aviation, Hardship, Gender Discrimination, Sexism
Largely inspired from 12 real-life airplane cases, the story follows an aspiring civil aviation pilot struggling to work with her cold and strict captain because of their personality clashes. However, after experiencing several risky and life-threatening aviation incidents together, they grow to value and eventually love each other.

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