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Falling Into You

Falling Into You

Secondary Name : 炽道

Release year :

Episodes : EP 7

Genre: Drama

Country :China

Category : Drama Chinese

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Falling Into You Drama

Duan Yucheng is a high-spirited young man who loves high jump but is limited by his height, met his talent scout, the experienced athletics assistant Luo Na. In order to get more professional guidance and help, Duan Yucheng made every effort to enroll at the university where Luo Na coaches, and became a member of Luo Na’s team, started to pursue his dream of high jumping.
Native Title: 炽道
Also Known As: Chi Dao
Screenwriter: Xin Xiao Yang, Hao Ru
Director: Yi Zheng
Genres: Romance, Drama, Sports
Tags: Older Woman/Younger Man, Male Chases Female First, Hardship, Chasing A Dream, Secret Love, Hardworking Male Lead, Secret Crush, Steamy Kiss, High Jump, Web Series

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