B 9 D M . U S


Secondary Name : ฟ้าลั่นรัก

Release year :

Episodes : EP 10

Genre: Drama

Country :Thai adaptation

Category : Dramas Thailand

4.9/ 5 1 投票
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Fahlanruk Drama

Fahlan is a handsome young man who studies economics, good at both academics and sports. Sherbet is an architecture student, good at playing music and singing. These two young men meet one day and can’t help but feel something for each other. Their relationship began with sex, being friends with benefits. Even though the two of them have never seriously considered dating someone, Fahlan finds that he feels a lot more for Sherbet. He instead tries to escape his feelings for fear of getting hurt.
Native Title: ฟ้าลั่นรัก
Also Known As: Fahlanruk the Series , Fah Lun Rak , Fa Lan Rak , ฟ้าลั่นรัก เดอะซีรีส์ , Friends With Benefits
Director: Chik Sakon Tiacharoen, K Chainarong Tampong
Genres: Romance, Life, Youth
Tags: Gay Romance, Friends With Benefits, Adapted From A Web Novel, Best Friends’ Relationship, Gay Male Lead, Secret Crush, LGBTQ+, Misunderstanding, Student, Love Triangle

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