B 9 D M . U S


Secondary Name : 몸값

Release year :

Episodes : EP 01

Genre: Drama

Country :Korea

Category : Dramas Korean

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Bargain Drama

No Hyung Soo visits a motel room to see Park Joo Young. He is pleased with her appearance and happy to pay for her services, but a surprise is waiting for No Hyung Soo. He is soon surrounded by people who have come to buy his organs. They bargain over the price of his organs with Park Joo Young conducting the auction, but an earthquake suddenly occurs. Within the collapsed building, they struggle to survive.
Native Title: 몸값
Also Known As: Ransom , Momgap , Momgabs
Screenwriter & Director: Jeon Woo Sung
Screenwriter: Kwak Jae Min
Genres: Thriller, Drama
Tags: MDL Remake, Earthquake, Miniseries, Survival, Disaster, Suspense

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