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教祖のムスメ b9 - b9アニメ-b9goodアニメ-アニメ動画 b9

Secondary Name : Kyouso no Musume

Release year:

Run Time: 23 min

Episodes : 7話

Now showing: 7話

Latest episode: 765

Country: Japan

Genres: ドラマ日本

4.97/ 5 2 votes
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Kyouso no Musume 生物教師・下山夏樹(近藤公園)と密かに関係を持っていた、湯田いちか(豊嶋花)。しかし、黒沢美優(小栗有以)にデート現場を目撃され、それを理由に脅迫されていたことは、下山には言えずにいた…。
A school psycho suspense that depicts classmates, students, and their families being involved in a whirlpool of suspicion and confusion when a mysterious and beautiful high school girl, Kiritani Sara, suddenly transfers to another school.
Native Title: 教祖のムスメ
Also Known As: Guru's Daughter , Kyoso no Musume , Guru no Musume , 2285133555733374 , きょうそのむすめ
Director: Kanai Ko
Screenwriter: Nakamura Masatoshi
Genres: Thriller, Mystery, Psychological, School
Psychopath Female Lead, Classmate, Miniseries, High School, Transfer Student, Student, Twins, Investigation, Suspense

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