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Secondary Name : Shotengai no Pianist

Release year :

Episodes : 1話

Genre: Drama

Country :Japan

Category : Drama Japanese

4.65/ 5 1 投票
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商店街のピアニスト Drama

《BS松竹東急は全番組無料のBS放送! 毎週月曜夜10時30分より放送中》電気工事士の澤本蓮は母親の咲子と二人で暮らしている。ある日、蓮は商店街の楽器店の娘で画家を目指す梶原美鳥と出会い、そこに置かれていたストリートピアノを見て10年前の記憶が蘇る。

There is a street piano placed in a music store on a shopping district. Sawamoto Ren is a young electrician who has stayed away from the piano for a long time, but decides to start to a new path as a street pianist after meeting Kajiwara Midori, the daughter of the music store. Soon later, people from various backgrounds stop by to play the street piano and have heart-to-heart interactions with Ren and Midori.
Native Title: Shotengai no Pianist (2022)
Also Known As: Shopping Street Pianist , Pianist in the Shopping District , Shotengai no Pianisuto
Genres: Music, Romance, Drama

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