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Secondary Name : Hokuo Kojirase Nikki

Release year :

Episodes : 4話

Genre: Drama

Country :Japan

Category : Drama Japanese

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北欧こじらせ日記『真夜中のシナモンロール』 Drama

Shimako, who works for a travel agency in Tokyo, loves Scandinavia and lives alone in a small apartment surrounded by Scandinavian goods, food, music, and other items that make her feel like she’s in Finland. One day, the president of the company where she works suddenly announces the company’s bankruptcy, and this leads her to develop feelings for her favorite country, Finland.
Native Title: Hokuo Kojirase Nikki
Also Known As:
Screenwriter: Nishikori Iyo
Director: Ishibashi Yuho
Genres: Life, Drama
Tags: Miniseries, Adapted From A Novel

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